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Windows 8.1 compatibility for Google Chrome version 4 – Learn about Google Chrome compatibility on Windows 8.1. Download device drivers and software updates.

windows 8 – Weird behavior of Google chrome – Super User – I’ve installed Google chrome on my new Windows 8. When I load some sites their behavior differs a little bit from that I have on Gooogle chrome on my windows xp machine. For example,

GOOGLE CHROME WINDOWS 8 PROBLEM FIX (JANUARY 2013) – YouTube – Have you tried to load up Google Chrome in your Windows 8 OS, but for some reason it doesn’t load up? I have the fix right here in this video. It is a compatibility issue that Google hasn’t fixed. It looks like Google Chrome isn’t compatible with Windows 8. There is a simple fix if …

After upgraded to Windows 8.1, my google chrome can only load page from facebook and google but not others. Oops! Google Chrome could not find

Windows 8.1 is here and Google Chrome is going to be one of the first apps that you are going to install. I did the same thing after installing the new Windows 8.1 Operating system.

Are you receiving this error when updating Google Chrome? If so, see the update error article instead. Issue This error is most likely due to a problem with the Application folder on your computer d

I just upgraded to Windows 8 Pro today, and I am a little disappointed. Everything seems to be working fine, EXCEPT Google Chrome. For some reason, when I try to load any website, it loads the page halfway, freezes, and then tells me the page has crashed.

I just recently bought a new computer with windows 8 and installed chrome. It was working great the first few days, but now, when I click and try to start it up, nothing happens.