How To Hire The Right College Counseling Professional?

How To Hire The Right College Counseling Professional?

Have you passed high school and going to enter college soon? You are at an important sphere of your life where your decision will greatly impact your future. It is important to make the right choice now so that you can reap its benefits later on. If you cannot make up your mind regarding the selection of the right college or course, you should seek professional help. A session of college counseling will help you make the right decision if you are puzzled about making any decision.

When you have ascertained that you need the help of a counselor as you are unable to make a decision on your own, you should start looking for them. When you are looking for college counselors, you would find several of them offering counseling sessions around you. It is not a good idea to hire any random counselor around you. There are a number of factors that you must keep on mind before you choose any counselor for your counseling needs.

First of all, it is important to know whether your counselor will be always available or not. As a confused student, you would have to consult with the professional a number of times before you are able to make a decision. So, you must ensure that the counselor will be available whenever you need them and also has good communication. The counseling professional must have the ability to talk with you to find out where your interest lies.

Secondly, you should ensure that the college counselor is affordable. If you require visiting the counselor a number of times, it would help you if you hire an affordable professional. If you are hiring a professional that charges you exorbitantly, you would be unable to do more than a couple of counseling sessions.

Thirdly, the college counselor must have several years of experience to be able to guide you. It is not a good idea to visit someone as a counselor who does not have ample experience. It means you should avoid taking any senior college student or a recent graduate as your counselor. You should find someone that has guided several students in the past.

Finally, you must know whether visiting a particular counseling professional is worth the hassle or not. It makes no sense to visit someone that does not provide helpful suggestions. So, you should learn about the experiences of other students with them.… Read the rest

What is a Business Background Check?

What is a Business Background Check?

Just because a business is active, doesn’t mean that they are credible. As a business owner, you will probably collaborate with other professional entities along the way, and you need to make sure that your company does not suffer from these decisions. Here is what you need to know about business background checks and how you can benefit from them.

What Is A Business Background Check?

While public records may reveal certain details to you, they often aren’t very thorough and may leave out important information. Background checks for businesses are designed to get you familiar with who and what you are dealing with. They are a way of detecting whether or not a business has a record of fraud, lawsuits, bankruptcy filings, or poor credit.

Why Are They Important?

As your business expands or as you begin to offer new services, you may consider outsourcing or hiring third-party vendors. You may even think to allow other companies to build an account with you and obtain products and services on credit. While these decisions can save you a lot of cash, minimize risk, and provide convenience, you still need to verify that they are trustworthy.

There are a lot of shady, dishonest business owners, and running background checks on prospects can shield you from getting the bad end of a deal. Background checks for businesses can alert you of payment inconsistencies and poor credit scores before you decide to lend out your items. These red flags indicate that they may not hold up their promise to pay their invoices on time. Also, while third-party vendors may impress you with their claims to deliver, they may be hiding a lengthy history of malpractice lawsuits.

How To Run Business Background Checks

If you are looking for a free way to gain specific information on your business prospect, you can search public records, consult with the Better Business Bureau, and check various government sources. You can also ask your attorney to check their federal records for any legal issues or current lawsuits. However, if you are interested in a more thorough level of investigation, you can hire one of the many companies that specialize in business background checks.

It is fair to assume that one day, if not already, you will do business with another business. While you would be risking an unfair trade, the reward of the alliance can help your company gain credibility and receive discounted products and services. Just be smart and opt for a thorough investigation before getting involved with other entities.
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Who to Hire for Junk Removal

Who to Hire for Junk Removal

There are several companies you can hire when it comes to hiring a team for junk removal services. Whether you need to haul away an old mattress you want to donate, or get rid of some furniture that is not going to your new place, removal specialists can help you with the transition. However, it is not always easy to know which company is the best. Especially if you rely on the content companies publish on their sites, they’re obviously going to say they are the best or top-rated team. So, how do you know who to hire? 

What to look for in removal specialists

When the time comes for you to hire a company for junk removal services you should

  1. Make sure they are licensed and bonded; also make sure they have insurance to perform the services
  2. Check if they are reliable (use online reviews like Yelp, Google, etc)
  3. Make sure they are rated with the BBB
  4. Check their equipment, hauling tools, and how they go about removing junk items you want to dispose of
  5. Determine if they use Eco-friendly methods for disposal and how they get rid of junk items that can’t be placed in general trash bins or dumpsters

These are a few of the many factors you’ll want to consider when hiring a removal company. 

Customer service

Don’t forget about the customer service aspect of things. How quickly do they reply to your call or message? Do they offer free quotes if you need to get rid of some stuff and are comparing companies? Are they efficient in getting to your home? Make sure you ask all important questions. 

And, you obviously want to know you are hiring a company that is affordable when they are hauling away and disposing of junk items. So, make sure you inquire about pricing, what’s included, how many hours, how many people will do the work, and so forth. 

It’s up to you as a customer to ask the important questions if you want to hire the best company to get rid of old junk you no longer want in your home. Therefore, you’ll have to take your time to compare a few junk removal specialists before you choose one to hire. These are some of the important pieces of information you’ll want to inquire about, so as to ensure you do hire the best people for the job and removal services. … Read the rest

Loss of Hearing Due to Aging or Exposure to Loud Noise

Loss of Hearing Due to Aging or Exposure to Loud Noise

More people than ever in the United States have hearing loss. Around 40 percent of those individuals are younger than 65. Constant or regular exposure to loud noise can result in hearing loss. If you fall under these categories, you might consider getting a hearing aid. Fortunately, technology is so advanced in this area that you can hear things you haven’t heard in years and can boost the quality of your life.

One way you can get a hearing aid is to buy it online. It’s important to know how to go about doing that.

How Hearing Aids Have Changed

In decades past, hearing aids were big, clunky and had noticeable wires. They were always made to fit over the user’s ear and required frequent trips to the audiologist’s office to modify their performance. Now, however, hearing aids are smaller and slimmer than ever. Many can simply slip right into the ear. There are still the over-the-ear variety as well, but they too are so small that the vast majority will never even notice them, especially if the user’s hair is long enough to cover them. Hearing aids can also be manually adjusted by the user simply by pressing a button.

Get a Hearing Test

Before you set out to buy hearing aids online, you must first get a hearing test to ensure that you get the right ones. A chart known as an audiogram will show your hearing test results. The results appear as a graph for your left and right ear and show the range of hearing and frequency loss you suffer. The results are then compared with the results of normal hearing to show the differences.

If you plan to buy hearing aids online, you are first required to provide a statement from your hearing care professional that says you had your hearing test within the past six months. Again, this is to ensure that you receive the right hearing aids for you.

Shopping Online for Hearing Aids

There are many hearing aid sellers online to whom you can turn when you want to buy. It’s important to thoroughly do your research before ultimately settling on the one you will use for purchasing hearing aids. The company should be accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have a good reputation.

Many companies also offer a trial period when you buy hearing aids online. These trial periods can last anywhere from 30 to 60 days to ensure that they fit comfortably and work for you. There should also be a refund policy if there is a problem with the hearing aids. You should receive a warranty from the company that includes an agreement for any repairs if necessary. Some online sellers will even offer a replacement if you lose a hearing aid.

You should also inquire about how long it would take to get a hearing aid back if you need repairs. In some cases, a company will simply replace it or even offer a temporary hearing aid while yours is in for repairs. Always get this information in writing if it isn’t readily available on the company’s website.
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Tips to Get Your Business Going, Even if You Don’t Know Where to Start

Tips to Get Your Business Going, Even if You Don’t Know Where to Start


Have you thought about being a business owner before? While many businesses end up being a burning failure, you could help shape one that isn’t. Before you get a loan to buy a business, look into all of these different factors that go into starting a successful business.


Whether you’re looking to buy a house or start a business, you’ve probably heard that location matters a lot before. You must find the right type of location for your business as you could end up killing your business before it even opens. A good example of this is a bike shop. While you could have many customers come in to buy a new bike or get their pre-existing bike repaired in the middle of a city, you probably aren’t going to get very many customers in the middle of nowhere, will you? Consider your location before you open your business.


As a consumer, price is probably one of the main, if not the first thing you’re looking at when looking to purchase a product or service. Finding the right pricing is important when opening up a business for the first time. You’ll first want to find out how much does it cost to make what you are selling, and see what you could price your offerings at while still being able to upkeep your business. Additionally, you’ll want to add a bit on the price cause face it, don’t you want to add some more money into your savings? Don’t go too high however as you could be costing more customers to go away which would lose you more money in the long run. Pricing is for sure one of the most important parts about building a business.


When you think about every major company out there, how did you get to know about them? Marketing is important as we’re not all out there telling each other about each business we’ve seen around. Make sure that you purchase marketing that represents the group of people you’re going after. If you’re a business that is selling craft supplies mainly to elderly people, you’re probably not going to want to target ads through Snapchat filters for example and instead go for television ads. Think about what type of marketing you’re going to have before you start your business.


Following all of these steps, you should at least have a business that someone will want to step inside. However, you’re going to have to find another way to get a loan to buy a business! Make sure that you keep considering different ways you can improve your business before your competitors do.
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You Have Discovered a Computer That is Connected to Your Network That Was Used For an Attack

You Have Discovered a Computer That is Connected to Your Network That Was Used For an Attack

Everyone in the webserver world must deal with the horrors of data breaches. Hackers’ tools and expertise seem to follow Moore’s Law of increasing capacity for security hacking every two years. The hackers seem especially fond of Windows web servers which must be accurately scanned for vulnerabilities.

Windows Vulnerability Scanner

By using the easy-to-use yet powerful Netsparker vulnerability scanner, web server vulnerabilities can be discovered and fixed way ahead of any hacker attack. No matter what the web application, this professional web security scanner accurately analyzes web traffic sent to and from web applications.

The Limits of Firewalls

The security basics of firewalls preventing certain IP addresses from accessing the network still cannot prevent sneaky hacker attacks from using web server web traffic. But Netsparker can prevent these attacks that firewalls miss. Terms such as SQL injection or cross-site scripting (XSS) may be unfamiliar to the average person, but they are very familiar to intrusive hacker exploitation. With Netsparker these vulnerabilities are accurately displayed for the IT professional to fix before the next potential hacker attack.

Robust Security Scanner

Another powerful capability of the Netsparker’s Window vulnerability scanner is the use of heuristic security vulnerability checks during scanning. Web server misconfigurations are identified and reported for repair before they pose a threat to the server’s security. When Netsparker discovers an issue, it sounds the alarm with a web vulnerability proof of exploit. What this means is that the vulnerability is not a false positive guaranteeing super accuracy. Additionally, this feature also saves IT personnel extra time from having to check their reports for accuracy.

Netsparker Desktop Software

For smaller businesses, the desktop version, the same Windows vulnerability scanner, runs on Microsoft hosted and self-hosted operating systems. Additionally, this version also supports Linux operating systems and comprehensively scans for common web security vulnerabilities. Similarly, the desktop version also scans for Linux’s security risks identified from the OWASP’s Top Ten Report and Apache servers. Businesses can never be too careful in the ongoing battle for web server security.

Online Web Security Scanner

The motley crew of potential vulnerabilities can seem overwhelming, but not for Netsparker’s online web scanning. These vulnerabilities include Out-of-Band SQL injection, Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF), and Blind Cross-Site Scripting. Netsparker can also accurately detect other second-order and async web application vulnerabilities. Among web applications included are AJAX, JavaScripts, HTML5, Web 2.0, Single Page Applications (SPA), and others.

Vulnerability Assessment and Management

Netsparker’s drastically improves Windows Vulnerability Scanner security management. Not only does it accurately identify security risks, but it also generates both internal and external reports for assessment. Compliance reports are easily produced for PCI DSS and HIPAA vulnerability scan as well as for developers and team managers.

Netsparker’s scope ranges from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Netsparker is the industry leader in assessing and managing web server vulnerabilities. Demos and trials are available for the business owner or IT professional. Prevention of data hacks is like the old adage, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of bad publicity. 
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Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Enforcement Guide for Brands

Countless steps happen to your product as it undergoes the transformation from brilliant idea to launch and mass marketing. After all of the hard work that has gone into your brainchild, getting a fair price is a necessity. Minimum advertised pricing (MAP) enforcement can help you to achieve this all-important goal.

Understanding MAP

MAP is the lowest price at which you will allow vendors to advertise your product for sale. For example, if you believe that a price of $200 for your product will enable you and the reseller to make a profit while simultaneously providing a fair cost to the consumer, you would set this as the MAP. Resellers would be required to advertise your item for sale at no less than $200. Should they violate this rule and you learn of the infraction, it is your right to remove your product from the vendor’s store temporarily or even permanently if you choose. 

The Online Loophole

Notice, however, that “MAP” stands for minimum advertised price. Technically, an online reseller can get around MAP by inserting text that says, “add to shopping cart for price” and ultimately get less than MAP for the item. At least for now, this controversial subversion tactic is completely legal.

What is MAP Enforcement?

Although the waters of product pricing are murky and treacherous to navigate, MAP monitoring strategies can help. To put it simply, this involves the manufacturer instituting a pricing policy that the reseller agrees to uphold. In exchange, the brand company pledges to do all it can to enforce your pricing. As a result, violators are removed from the marketplace and everyone’s profit margin is protected.

Advantages of MAP Enforcement

When product costs are consistent, everyone wins. Here’s why:

  • The brand’s reputation for quality and consistency is maintained.
  • Unauthorized sellers can be identified and forced out, leading to a cleaner and more ethical marketplace.
  • Prices are consistent across sellers.
  • The retailer can more effectively stock and advertise products that have a stable price and can be consistently profitable.
  • Retailers can sell more when unethical ones are removed.
  • Consumers get genuine products at a fair cost from an authorized seller.
  • Brand loyalty can be fostered and maintained.

In a word, enforcement of MAP leads to benefits for all involved in the production, marketing, sales and use of products.

How to Get Started With MAP Monitoring

Getting started with MAP enforcement is not as hard as you might think.

  • Write and launch a MAP policy for your products. Make sure to cover what is not allowed, including discount coupons and in-cart pricing, and be clear that violators will be barred from selling your items.
  • Use automated software to monitor the web so that you can actively enforce your policy.
  • When violators flout your policy, remove your products from their stores. This rewards your loyal vendors while preserving your credibility.

In the dog-eat-dog world of e-commerce, enforcing MAP is one of your strongest strategies. Implementing it on a comprehensive and consistent basis will attract high-quality retailers who will sell your products while protecting and projecting your brand’s image and mission. Your innovative products will combine with their marketing savvy and customer service to form a powerful alliance that can last for years.
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