Loss of Hearing Due to Aging or Exposure to Loud Noise

Loss of Hearing Due to Aging or Exposure to Loud Noise

More people than ever in the United States have hearing loss. Around 40 percent of those individuals are younger than 65. Constant or regular exposure to loud noise can result in hearing loss. If you fall under these categories, you might consider getting a hearing aid. Fortunately, technology is so advanced in this area that you can hear things you haven’t heard in years and can boost the quality of your life.

One way you can get a hearing aid is to buy it online. It’s important to know how to go about doing that.

How Hearing Aids Have Changed

In decades past, hearing aids were big, clunky and had noticeable wires. They were always made to fit over the user’s ear and required frequent trips to the audiologist’s office to modify their performance. Now, however, hearing aids are smaller and slimmer than ever. Many can simply slip right into the ear. There are still the over-the-ear variety as well, but they too are so small that the vast majority will never even notice them, especially if the user’s hair is long enough to cover them. Hearing aids can also be manually adjusted by the user simply by pressing a button.

Get a Hearing Test

Before you set out to buy hearing aids online, you must first get a hearing test to ensure that you get the right ones. A chart known as an audiogram will show your hearing test results. The results appear as a graph for your left and right ear and show the range of hearing and frequency loss you suffer. The results are then compared with the results of normal hearing to show the differences.

If you plan to buy hearing aids online, you are first required to provide a statement from your hearing care professional that says you had your hearing test within the past six months. Again, this is to ensure that you receive the right hearing aids for you.

Shopping Online for Hearing Aids

There are many hearing aid sellers online to whom you can turn when you want to buy. It’s important to thoroughly do your research before ultimately settling on the one you will use for purchasing hearing aids. The company should be accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have a good reputation.

Many companies also offer a trial period when you buy hearing aids online. These trial periods can last anywhere from 30 to 60 days to ensure that they fit comfortably and work for you. There should also be a refund policy if there is a problem with the hearing aids. You should receive a warranty from the company that includes an agreement for any repairs if necessary. Some online sellers will even offer a replacement if you lose a hearing aid.

You should also inquire about how long it would take to get a hearing aid back if you need repairs. In some cases, a company will simply replace it or even offer a temporary hearing aid while yours is in for repairs. Always get this information in writing if it isn’t readily available on the company’s website.