You Have Discovered a Computer That is Connected to Your Network That Was Used For an Attack

You Have Discovered a Computer That is Connected to Your Network That Was Used For an Attack

Everyone in the webserver world must deal with the horrors of data breaches. Hackers’ tools and expertise seem to follow Moore’s Law of increasing capacity for security hacking every two years. The hackers seem especially fond of Windows web servers which must be accurately scanned for vulnerabilities.

Windows Vulnerability Scanner

By using the easy-to-use yet powerful Netsparker vulnerability scanner, web server vulnerabilities can be discovered and fixed way ahead of any hacker attack. No matter what the web application, this professional web security scanner accurately analyzes web traffic sent to and from web applications.

The Limits of Firewalls

The security basics of firewalls preventing certain IP addresses from accessing the network still cannot prevent sneaky hacker attacks from using web server web traffic. But Netsparker can prevent these attacks that firewalls miss. Terms such as SQL injection or cross-site scripting (XSS) may be unfamiliar to the average person, but they are very familiar to intrusive hacker exploitation. With Netsparker these vulnerabilities are accurately displayed for the IT professional to fix before the next potential hacker attack.

Robust Security Scanner

Another powerful capability of the Netsparker’s Window vulnerability scanner is the use of heuristic security vulnerability checks during scanning. Web server misconfigurations are identified and reported for repair before they pose a threat to the server’s security. When Netsparker discovers an issue, it sounds the alarm with a web vulnerability proof of exploit. What this means is that the vulnerability is not a false positive guaranteeing super accuracy. Additionally, this feature also saves IT personnel extra time from having to check their reports for accuracy.

Netsparker Desktop Software

For smaller businesses, the desktop version, the same Windows vulnerability scanner, runs on Microsoft hosted and self-hosted operating systems. Additionally, this version also supports Linux operating systems and comprehensively scans for common web security vulnerabilities. Similarly, the desktop version also scans for Linux’s security risks identified from the OWASP’s Top Ten Report and Apache servers. Businesses can never be too careful in the ongoing battle for web server security.

Online Web Security Scanner

The motley crew of potential vulnerabilities can seem overwhelming, but not for Netsparker’s online web scanning. These vulnerabilities include Out-of-Band SQL injection, Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF), and Blind Cross-Site Scripting. Netsparker can also accurately detect other second-order and async web application vulnerabilities. Among web applications included are AJAX, JavaScripts, HTML5, Web 2.0, Single Page Applications (SPA), and others.

Vulnerability Assessment and Management

Netsparker’s drastically improves Windows Vulnerability Scanner security management. Not only does it accurately identify security risks, but it also generates both internal and external reports for assessment. Compliance reports are easily produced for PCI DSS and HIPAA vulnerability scan as well as for developers and team managers.

Netsparker’s scope ranges from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Netsparker is the industry leader in assessing and managing web server vulnerabilities. Demos and trials are available for the business owner or IT professional. Prevention of data hacks is like the old adage, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of bad publicity.